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Steps to joining the Birthday Club

  1. Enter your email address – please note, only one person can join for each email as each person needs their own email address to join.
  2. You will receive an email to confirm your subscription – click on this to activate your membership.
  3. Two weeks before your birthday we’ll email you the voucher, which is valid until three weeks after your birthday. (If you join within two weeks of your birthday you will not receive a voucher but you can redeem you free meal by bringing in the confirmation email)
  4. Bring in this voucher and your ID to receive your free meal.


Can I register today and use the voucher today?

Yes, you can join today, and if it is your birthday you can use the confirmation email to redeem your Birthday Club meal.

I didn’t receive my confirmation email

Check your spam folder and if it’s not there try joining again.

I joined up and confirmed my email but I didn’t get my meal voucher

Make sure that you are the only person who has joined on your email. Emails can only be used for one person. If you are the only one joined on your email then contact us to look into what happened.

I don’t have any ID with me

Unfortunately, without any identification we can’t redeem the Birthday Voucher but it is valid for three weeks after your birthday.

What can I order?

You can order any meal from the menu.

Can we just order one meal and share it and still use the Birthday Voucher?

The Birthday Meal voucher is valid when dining with another person who purchases a meal.

There will be a few of us eating, can I choose which meal is the free Birthday Club meal?

The free Birthday Club meal is only valid for the meal the Birthday Club member eats.

Thanks for visiting, see you soon.

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