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Do you do takeaway?

Yes, we do takeaway. 

Can you BYO?

We are fully licenced and serve beer, wines, cocktails and spirits. We don’t do BYO.

Do you have Halal options?

Unfortunately we do not have Halal options on our menu.

Do you have vegan/vegetarian options?

We do not have vegan/vegetarian pancakes but we do have some other meal options for vegetarians.

Can we bring a cake?

Yes, you can bring your own cake.

Do we have public holiday surcharge?

We have a separate menu on Public Holidays with the surcharge included in the price.

Do we have set menus for large groups?

Yes, we do have options for large groups. Please contact the restaurant to discuss.

Do you have Gluten Free items?

Yes, we have a range of pancakes, and pizza bases that contain no gluten in their ingredients. However, because we cook these items in an open kitchen we can’t call them Gluten Free. Instead these items are listed as Low Gluten (L.G. on our menu.) Please talk to the manager when you visit to discuss your dietary requirements.

What time is the breakfast menu available until?

Breakfast is served at all times during our opening hours.

Do you accept split bills?

No we don’t. One bill per table/group.

What is the expiry date on the Gift Certificates?

The gift vouchers do not expire, however, treat them like cash because if lost, they cannot be replaced. Gift vouchers can be used in any of our restaurant locations in NSW and QLD.

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